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September 2023

10 October 2023

Dear colleagues

With the year coming to an end, SA Hunters is preparing for the congress on November 4, 2023. For the first time since 2019, we are hosting a face-to-face congress with delegates present, not just virtually. We look forward to welcoming you back.

At this Congress we will also have elections to fill five vacant positions out of the six-member Board. Fortunately, some of the current Board members are available for re-election which ensures continuity.

We remind members with dedicated status to complete their activity reports before 31 October. Watch the short video explaining the process. Dedicated status is crucial for members who want to retain licences for more than four firearms.

Other activities coming up in October, include three national shooting championships. The shotgun and junior championships have concluded, and the results are included in this newsletter.

Pre-order the 2023/24 KOLSKOOT magazine. Copies will also be available at the congress.

New Branch Chairpersons attended a successful workshop session at Inyathi Park in preparation for their responsibilities at the branches. Read our Facebook article about the workshop here.

September was Heritage Month, and we focused on the Association’s hunting and conservation heritage. We also had to bid farewell to the former president, Oom Peet van Zyl. Our sincere condolences and good wishes to his loved ones and friends. Read the article here.

Under conservation news, members can provide feedback on a policy document regarding the intensive breeding of lions. Also, read about the biodiversity management plan for Ground hornbills that was recently published.

Under hunting affairs, we draw members’ attention to SA Hunters’ comments on the proposed hunting proclamations for the Western Cape for 2024.

The photography competition’s deadline has been extended to the end of November from this year onwards. This provides photographers attending the national shooting championships with the opportunity to submit their photographs in The Shooting Range category. The photography club shared beautiful photographs in celebration of World Rhino Day on September 22.

Kind regards
Fred Camphor
SA Hunters: CEO

The deadline for maintaining dedicated status is 31 October 2023

In terms of the Firearms Act, members with dedicated hunter or sport shooter status may own more than four firearms. To maintain their status, dedicated hunters must register two hunting-related activities and sport shooters three sport shooting activities annually.

SA Hunters has made it very simple for members to comply. When attending any official SA Hunters’ activity, members only need to enter their membership numbers on their Branch’s tablet to register the activity. Members can also use SA Hunters’ App to register any other hunting or sport shooting activities.

The deadline for registration of activities to maintain your dedicated status is 31 October every year.

Currently, 5 487 members with dedicated sport shooter status and 5 037 members with dedicated hunter status have not yet registered the required activities for 2023 to maintain their status.

Members only have until 31 October to comply. See the section for Firearms in this newsletter for tips on using the App.

Members who need help can phone Petrus Swart, Hilona Loots or Angelique Botha on (012) 808 9300.

SA Hunters Congress 2023

SA Hunters’ Congress 2023 will be held at the CSIR Conference Centre on 4 November 2023 at 07:00. Delegates are looking forward to meeting face-to-face and exchanging ideas on matters of common interest. The recipients of various awards will be announced and handed over at this event.

The National Branch Chairmen’s Forum will take place on Friday, 3 November 2023 at Inyathi Park.

SA Hunters office closes for festive season

SA Hunters’ national office at Inyahti Park will close on 13 December 2023 at 12:00 and reopen on 8 January 2024 at 07:30.

The SA Hunters Shop will close a week later on 20 December 2023 and reopen on 8 January 2024.

2023/24 KOLSKOOT magazine

Click to englarge

The 2023/2024 edition of KOLSKOOT will be available at SA Hunters’ Congress on 4 November 2023. This edition focuses on the bushveld, the crown jewel of hunting. KOLSKOOT comprises 100 pages of everything you need to know about the popular species of the bushveld. You can also read which calibre and bullet choices experienced hunters recommend for hunting in the Bushveld.

Pre-order your copy at a reduced price of R75. KOLSKOOT will be packaged and posted together with the November/December edition of SA JAGTER/HUNTER and/or Man Magnum.

The order form will be sent out with the magazine newsletter by email. Don’t delay, place your order when you receive the email!  Members that choose this option, will only pay R75 instead of the retail price of R95 per copy. A limited number of copies of KOLSKOOT will be available from your branch at the retail price of R95.

Branches can also pre-order copies of KOLSKOOT for their members and collect them at the Congress to take home.

Buffalo Hunt Competition

Closing date 3 Nov 2023 / Draw date 8 Nov 2023

Try your luck at winning this phenomenal hunting opportunity valued more than R600 000. Buy a ticket for R100 to enter. You may purchase as many tickets as you want.

The biggest hunting prize ever in the history of SA Hunters (5 animals recently added to the hunting list)

Pay R100 or multiples thereof in SA Hunters’ bank account by  EFT.

The account is

Bank: Absa
Account number: 01443990077
Branch code: 632005
Reference: Mobile number and Buffalo

Send proof of payment to admin@sahunt.co.za

Maintaining dedicated status

Bring your dedicated status up to date before 31 October in the blink of an eye using the SA Hunters App. Load your activities quickly – no uploading of targets. We trust you!

14,636 members with Dedicated Hunter status – only 9,505 already meet the requirements

12,325 members with Dedicated Sports Shooter status – only 6,724 already meet the requirements

All activities must be registered before 31 October 2023 if you wish to retain your dedicated status

How to register your activities:

  • online using the member administration system on the website
  • using the SA Hunters mobile app

Maintaining your status:

  • hunting trip
  • attendance of an official SA Hunters activity
  • attending an organised shooting activity where shottists sign an attendance register
  • completed hunting reports on the online member administration system
  • a reloading activity for members who reload their ammunition
  • a visit to the annual HuntEx expo
  • official shooting event of SA Hunters
  • shooting event at any other accredited sports shooting association
  • organised shooting activity where shooters sign an attendance register at the shooting range
  • a private shooting practice or social shooting event at any non-accredited association, where shooters complete an attendance register
  • one service duty as a range officer
  • a reloading activity for members who reload their ammunition
  • a visit to the annual HuntEx expo

For more information click here

Steps to register activities on the SA Hunters App

Click on the arrow next to the example to continue or to return to the previous page

2023 National Shotgun Championship

SA Hunters’ top 58 shotgun shottist showed their mettle at the SA Hunters Browning National Shotgun Championship for 2023, held at Hippo Creek Shooting Centre on 16 September. The laurels of Shotgun Champion went to Wynand Coetzee of the Vaaldriehoek Branch. Read the full article and results here.

2023 National Junior Championships

SA Hunters’ Sandriver-58 branch hosted the association’s annual National Junior Shooting Championships at the Excalibur shooting range in Welkom in the Free State on 6 and 7 October. It was two very hot days but despite that, the young participants shot good scores and enjoyed it a lot. Read the article here.

Multi-discipline Sport Shooting (MDS)

Information about a system to process MDS scores, training of MDS range officers, and the MDS manual is now available. Please provide the necessary information about trainers in particular for our records. Go to the MDS page.

National shooting championships for the rest of 2023

  • Limited Bolt Action championship on 14 October on the Riemland shooting range at Bethehem. Hosted by the Riemland Branch.
  • Multi-discipline sport shooting championship on 20 and 21 October at the military Practical Shooting range, Eeufees Road, Pretoria, hosted by the Centurion and Pretoria East Branches.
  • Sport shooting championship on 27 and 28 October at the Excalibur shooting range, Welkom, hosted by Sandrivier-58 Branch.

BASA Shooting Day

The SA Big Bore Association invited SA Hunters to enter teams for its corporate large calibre shooting day on 11 November 2023. Read here for more information.

SA Hunters comments on proposed hunting proclamations for the Western Cape 2024

Cape Nature has invited interested parties to comment on the proposed hunting proclamation for the 2024 hunting season. Click here to read SA Hunters’ comments. We take note of the significant increase in the population of Egyptian geese in the Western Cape, accompanied by considerable damage to crops. We request our members in the Western Cape to record the appearances and numbers of Egyptian geese on SA Hunters’ Sightings App. This information helps us gather data confirming the growth in the Egyptian geese population, allowing us to justify an increase in the daily bag limit.

Snare Busters Initiative

SA Hunters’  Snare Buster project which removes snares, makes a significant contribution to conservation while creating awareness about this problem. The animals are set free, and badly injured animals receive medical care. The Mopani Branch, led by Eugene Trosky, in partnership with Phalaborwa Natural Heritage Foundation, together with a team of volunteers, comb reserves in the Phalaborwa area for snares set by poachers.  Read more about the selfless efforts of this partnership in the Patrol Newsletter, for more information on the work they and other organisations in Africa do to protect our wildlife.

Conservation and sustainable use of elephant, lion, leopard, and rhinoceros

Attached is the revised draft policy document on the conservation and sustainable utilisation of elephant, lion, leopard, and rhinoceros, which was published for public comment in Government Gazette No. 49322 of 19 September 2023. SA Hunters has already provided comments on the initial version of this document. Read it  here.

The Association has also submitted comments on the definitions in the White Paper on Biodiversity, in which certain sections were formulated in a problematic manner. See our letter here to the Department of Forestry, Fisheries, and the Environment (DFFE), specifically regarding the definition of “wellbeing,” which has not been consulted with the public.

The revised draft policy document is a summarised version of the previous document and is available here. Members can submit their comments directly to the Department of Forestry, Fisheries, and the Environment, or to the conservation manager, Lizanne Nel, at lizanne@sahunt.co.za by 13 October 2023. As in the past, SA Hunters will represent the interests of its members in response to a policy document that can significantly impact the responsible use of wildlife and its contribution to conservation.

Biodiversity management plan for Ground hornbill

SA Hunters has been involved in the development of the Biodiversity Management Plan for the Southern Ground-Hornbill (Bucorvus leadbeateri) and is part of the national working group for the species. The Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, Ms Barbara Creecy, has now given notice of the publication of this Biodiversity Management Plan for implementation in the Government Gazette No. 49379, in terms of section 43(1)(b) and 43(3)(a) and (b) of the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act, 2004 (Act No. 10 of 2004).
A copy of the Government Gazette can be obtained here

Comment on the draft policy for intensive breeding of lion

The Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment published a notice in the Government Gazette at the end of September, requesting comments from the public on the proposed policy to restrict the registration of new facilities for keeping and breeding lions. The draft policy is available here. Comments can be sent to the manager of conservation, Lizanne Nel at lizanne@sahunt.co.za  by 20 October 2023 or directly to lionprohibition@dffe.gov.za  by 29 October 2023.

It is worth noting that the Minister in her press release, emphasises the definition of animal wellbeing when making decisions about wildlife management. This definition has suddenly become of crucial importance. This definition requires that any management decisions regarding wildlife should take into account, “the holistic circumstances and conditions of an animal, which are conducive to its physical, physiological and mental health and quality of life, including the ability to cope with its environment.”  The Department did not consult with the public on the interpretation of the definition of animal wellbeing.  SA Hunters expressed its displeasure at using this definition of animal wellbeing, and at the lack of public consultation on this matter in its comments on various policy processes, and through the Wildlife Forum. SA Hunters’ comments are available here.

SA Hunters’ position on intensive breeding of predators is available here.

Help us grow

The more members SA Hunters has, the stronger its mandate is to fight for the future of hunting, firearm ownership, and the conservation of our natural heritage. SA Hunters is the only association with full-time expertise to represent members’ interests at all levels. We invest in your future. Invite your friends and acquaintances to join the Association. It’s the right thing to do.

Every member or a branch that recruits ten or more members per year, can earn commission of between R100 to R150 per member. More information is available here.

The Board agreed that branches that succeed in retaining lapsed members, will also benefit from the commission. The branch chairpersons have more information.

SA Hunters distributes member application forms to various dealers. These forms are on our membership page and also available from Dorothy at dorothy@sahunt.co.za

Dooierus II - order before 31 October

Order Dooierus II and Dooierus books before 31 October

DOOIERUS II, by Herman Jonker, follows the popular DOOIERUS, which was released in 2015 and sold out quickly.

The DOOIERUS II collection once again includes 77 selected stories that speak to a broad audience. The author focuses alternately on environmental issues, authorities, game farmers, and among his ranks. Sacred cows don’t escape the chopping block, and the quirks and egos of hunters aren’t spared either. However, instead of heavy debate, there is a playful banter woven through the stories and anecdotes.

Members have the opportunity to pre-order a copy of DOOIERUS II, as well as a reprint of DOOIERUS. Both will make the perfect Christmas gift for any hunter!

No payment is required now, just fill in your details. We will contact you with payment and delivery details.

Orders close on 31 October 2023! If you order and pay by November 7, 2023, you will receive your books by the end of November 2023.

Place orders before October 31, 2023, here.

President series knives

The first series of only 25 numbered knives that represent the preference of Oom Nic van der Merwe, is ready for orders. Members that order the knife can choose between a handle of camel thorn wood or ivory.

Oom Nic van der Merwe grew up in Britstown in the Karoo. He is a legend in the hunting and shooting community who has made significant contributions to the organised hunting sector since the early eighties. At SA Hunters, he has made a special contribution to, among other things, sport shooting development and shooting skills training, development of training modules for dedicated hunters, drafting guidelines and rules for trophy measuring, and involvement in negotiations regarding firearm legislation. He received SA Hunters’ highest award, the Pour le Merite, twice. Oom Nic’s impact on the hunting industry in South Africa is immeasurable.

Pay R2500 into the SA Hunters’ bank account via EFT.

The account is

Bank: Absa
Account number: 01443990077
Branch code: 632005
Reference: Member nmber and Nicmes

Send proof of payment to admin@sahunt.co.za

Memorial publication

Click to read about George Hoppert

Discover the remarkable pioneers of South Africa’s hunting history and the establishment of the SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association by reading the SA Hunters Memorial Book. This book provides valuable insights into the history of hunting in South Africa and sheds light on how the association has evolved into what it is today.

Pay R300 into the SA Hunters’ bank account via EFT.

The account is

Bank: Absa
Account number: 01443990077
Branch code: 632005
Reference: Member nmber and Book

Send proof of payment to admin@sahunt.co.za

Game meat recipes

Anyone for a tasty game dish?

Members of SA Hunters know very well that game meat is the best there is – especially if you hunted it yourself.

Johann Ungerer of the Pretoria East Branch clearly knows his way around a kitchen. He is equally comfortable and competent with a hunting rifle in the bushveld to bring home the best meat in the world for his family. Johann shares three of his favourite game meat recipes with us: liver cakes (lewerkoekies), Stir-fry, and Carpaccio.

If you can read, you can cook. Reading his mouthwatering recipes is a good place to start.

Go to our brand new game meat recipe page

Freddy Hirsch produkte

Johann Ungerer won the first gift pack from Freddy Hirsch, the Oom Freddy’s Legacy Box. Congratulations, Johann. Your gift is on its way!

The Freddy Hirsch Group sponsored a few gift hampers to give away during the Rugby World Cup. The sooner you enter your game meat recipe, the better your chance is to win one of these hampers. The Freddy Hirsch Group supports SA Hunters and the Springboks. Feel free to visit their website.

Freddy Hirsch is putting together a special spices pack, The Hunters Collection Box including everything you will ever need to flavour game meat and biltong. It will be on time for Christmas shopping at a special price for members. Look out for more news under commercial offers and our social media pages.

Amateur Photography Competition

The closing date for the 2023 Photography Competition has been postponed to the end of November 30, 2023. The national shooting competitions take place in October, and we hope that members attending these events will use the opportunity to enter their photographs for the Shooting Range category (DSLR/ML/Smart). Members can still enter other categories. The quota for the year remains unchanged: 60 photos of Fauna and Flora and 60 photos in total for Branch Activities, Conservation, the Shooting Range, Hunting, and Mentorship.

You can view the entries in the 2023 album here, showcasing all the photos we have already received for this year.

The category for Fauna and Flora DSLR/mirrorless always attracts the most entries and provides stiff competition. The other categories are less popular but offer plenty of opportunities for members to compete for the category winner of the year. Read the rules of the photo competition here.

The photography badges that winners can order in recognition of their winning entries, are being reviewed and will only be available in November. New certificates are already on members’ profiles in the system. Download it or order it from the national office.

Contact Marette at sahuntphoto@gmail.com for any inquiries.

Photography Club

The photography club’s membership is increasing. Members have the opportunity to share their photos on a user-friendly platform. Feel free to invite friends, family, and colleagues who share the same values as SA Hunters to join the group as well.

The September/October photo challenge #utilise offers a wide interpretation for photo choices once again. Members have already shared beautiful photos with the group. Read the rules here.

From time to time, the photography club offers a mini-photo challenge just for fun. During Heritage Month and Rhino Day in October, #rhinos were the subject of our mini-photo challenge. Take a look here at all the rhino photographs that our members have shared.

Contact Marette at sahuntphoto@gmail.com for any inquiries.

SA Hunters Shop

Shop gift vouchers here

The SA Hunters Online Store has been operational for three months with huge success. Payment options include EFT and credit cards. Weapons and ammunition can be delivered by courier. Contact us for a quote.

The SA Hunters Shop stocks a large variety of products from leading manufacturers in the hunting and shooting industry.

The Online Store offers clients and members a one-stop shopping experience. Look out for amazing deals on popular products. Visit our online store for firearms, ammunition, reloading equipment, optics, and accessories. Members qualify for a 10% discount. Click here to start shopping.

All these deals are also available at the SA Hunters Shop at Inyathi Park, Derdepoort, Pretoria. We look forward to welcoming members in our store.

To cater for festive season shopping, the SA Hunters Shop will only close on 20 December at 16:00. The online shop will only take orders until 17 December.

The SA Hunters Shop and online shop will reopen with the national office on 8 January 2024.

Contact us for more information at +27 12-808–9399 or 066-231-8185 or shop@sahunt.co.za

Product of the month

Special offer for a limited period

Sabatti’s tactical bolt action rifles are unparalleled in quality and performance. With its 400-year legacy in firearms manufacturing, Sabatti ensures craftsmanship, precision, and durability to elevate your shooting experience in one exceptional package.

Commercial offers to our members

The special offers are revised annually in July to ensure that we offer quality products and services to our members. Our new website makes special provision for commercial affairs, which offers great opportunities for additional marketing. The commercial benefits will be posted weekly on our social media pages.

Individuals interested in offering their products to members, can contact us with a proposal.

We also welcome referrals to businesses that support SA Hunters.

We also welcome members to give us feedback/reviews on the products offered.

Contact Marette Bennett

cell: 082 553 4719 or e-mail: marette@sahunt.co.za

Go to the complete list of commercial offers here.

Watch rugby with Hennie le Roux

This exciting offer to SA Hunters members only, is brought to you by Springbok Hennie Le Roux, 1995 Rugby World Cup winner and Crown River Safari.

Promo code: SAH/10

Click here for all the details on this fantastic offer.

An extra warthog was added to the package.

Craftbraai offers 10% discount to members

The Craft Braai Bag™ or Craft Braai Sakkie™ is about to change the way you braai.

Use the discount code at checkout: SAJV2023

Go to the complete list of commercial offers here.

stediLens offer 10% extra discount to members

A super simple and effective way to stabilize
your heavy telephoto lens or camera. Track any action with gimbal-like movement.

Use the discount code at checkout: sahunt

Go to the complete list of commercial offers here.

Tyremart Hatfield offers a 3% extra discount to members

An extra 3% off on regular discount at Hatfield only.

Free nitrogen for tyres and free wheel alignment test


Johan on 082 564 8222

Lourens on 072 591 0926

to make an appointment

Go to the complete list of commercial offers here.

A Line Tours Pty Ltd offer 10% discount to members

A Line Tours is owner operated and a qualified tourist guide and nature guide.


Francois Annadale on 071 932 6125 for a quote

(Francois is a member of the Pretoria East Branch)

Go to the complete list of commercial offers here.

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