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keeping you informed - Our Focus

Actively promoting our responsible hunting heritage in South Africa and neighbouring countries for future generations.

SA Hunters' Hunting Policy Positions

Trophy Recognition

SAHGCA’s Trophy Register data base reflects only the measurements and or weight of indigenous and phenotypical Africa species that have been bred and hunted on extensive systems. Trophies from colour variants or individual animals of species bred on intensive or semi-intensive systems (including predators), and sedated animals will not be considered for registration. The most recent edition of Rowland Ward will be used to determine indigenous species.

Using Lead Ammunition Over Wetlands

SAHGCA does not support the use of lead shot where the pellets end up in water bodies (wetlands, pans, dams, rivers and streams) where they can be ingested by water birds that are filter feeders. SAHGCA recommends that hunters use alternative ammunition or avoid shooting in high-risk areas.

SAHGCA supports the responsible use of lead-core bullets when hunting or shooting. Responsible behaviour includes practices that will ensure that meat or carcasses that are unsuitable for human consumption due to severe lead contamination, such as meat cut away around the wound area, are disposed of in such a way to be inaccessible to scavengers.

I declare that every trophy I have submitted for evaluation has been personally hunted or picked up by me according to the rules of the SAHGCA and specifically meets the requirements of Rule 3.1.5 on extensive systems. Namely: The animals were bred, born and hunted on extensive systems. For the purpose of these rules an extensive system must comply to the following four requirements:

  1. The area where the game species occurs, allows it to survive in self-sustainable conditions.
  2. Animals in this group have a free choice of breeding partner.
  3. Food supplements are only provided in abnormal drought conditions.
  4. Animals are not subjected to permanent parasite and disease control measures.

The Hunters’ Code

A declaration of responsibility founded on respect for life and for nature

As SAHGCA members, we accept that all animals are sentient creatures and should not suffer unnecessarily when we hunt them. We endeavour to kill the quarry with one shot and ensure the sustainable use of the hunted animal.  

Having positively identified the animal and knowing that it may be legally hunted, we only take a shot when we are sure that:

  • It is safe to do so
  • The animal is within range of the hunter’s personal shooting capability
  • The firearm and cartridge combination is appropriate for the type and size of game
  • The firearm and cartridge combination is appropriate to ensure a one-shot-kill over the given distance
  • Hunted game can be tracked and recovered

We further declare that we:

  • Have a respect for life
  • Hunt with self-restraint
  • Condemn killing for the sake of killing in the strongest possible terms
  • Condemn any non-use of hunted game in the strongest possible terms
  • Always endeavour to track and recover wounded game
  • Avoid public displays of hunted game
  • Condemn the awarding of competition prizes for the killing of game in the strongest terms
  • Keep photographs of our hunts for our private collections and only publish those that show clear respect for dignity of hunted game
  • Condemn pictures that display hunted game covered in blood or heaps of hunted game or gamebirds

During the hunt, SAHGCA members put safety first and undertake to act within the scope of the following guiding principles:

  • A dead animal can never compensate for hurting, maiming or killing a fellow hunter.
  • We do not shoot at game we cannot identify positively and see clearly.
  • We do not consume any alcohol or narcotic substance before or during a hunt.
  • It is our duty to immediately and in a kind and constructive manner correct any transgression of firearm safety or of unsafe behaviour by anyone in the hunting party.
  • We constantly practise our shooting techniques and skills to ensure that we observe our position regarding respect for life, and on a one-shot-kill.

Knowledge of huntable species and the law

  • As SAHGCA members we strive to learn as much as possible about the species we hunt.
  • We positively identify the game and its gender before we shoot.
  • We always obey the relevant legislation and comply with all hunting proclamations and hunting regulations.

Respect for landowners’ rights

SAHGCA members respect the land and property of the landowner wherever we hunt by:

  • ascertaining huntable species and gender before commencing with the hunt
  • closing gates and preventing veldfires
  • believing in the host’s right to charge a fair price for his huntable species and in goodwill also in the host’s and guide’s share of the hunted game if they want it
  • condemning the bribing of guides in instances of missed shots or of wounded game not being recovered

Cruelty against animals

SAHGCA members strive to prevent the wounding of the game they hunt and do everything possible to recover wounded game. We condemn any form of cruelty towards animals, whether wild or domesticated.

Responsibility towards littering

As hunters we respect the natural environment and condemn any form of littering. We always remove our own litter as well as that of others.

Conservation ethic

Because hunting cannot be separated from the natural environment, all true hunters are also true conservationists.

  • SAHGCA supports sustainable use as the cornerstone of effective and accountable conservation.
  • SAHGCA underwrites the principles contained in the IUCN’s World Conservation Strategy (1980) and all subsequent adaptations to that code.
  • SAHGCA actively supports the development of rural communities, based on the sustainable use of renewable natural resources in general and of game species in particular.

We always put something back

  • SAHGCA members always plough something back into hunting and go out of their way to assist new hunters.
  • We support the collective effort of the international hunting fraternity to promote hunting as a driver for the conservation of all game species.
  • SAHGCA members cherish the spirit of goodwill among hunters and the responsibilities associated by hunting.


‘n Verantwoordelikheidsverklaring gefundeer op respek vir lewe en vir die natuur

Lede van die Suid-Afrikaans Jagters- en Wildbewaringsvereniging aanvaar dat alle diere voelende wesens is wat nie onnodig moet ly wanneer hulle gejag word nie. As jagters, ondersteun ons die beginsel van ’n eenskoot-doodskoot, terwyl ons die verantwoordelike benutting van gejagte wild verseker.

Nadat ons ʼn wilde dier positief en as wettig jagbaar geïdentifiseer is, skiet ons slegs wanneer ons seker is dat:

  • Dit veilig is om dit te doen
  • Die dier gemaklik binne die jagter se persoonlike skietafstandsvermoë is
  • Die vuurwapen en patroonkombinasie geskik is vir die spesie en grootte van die wild
  • Die vuurwapen en patroonkombinasie geskik is oor die gegewe afstand om ʼn eenskoot-doodskoot te verseker
  • Ons gejagte wild kan opspoor en herwin


Ons verklaar verder dat ons:

  • Respek het vir lewe
  • Jag met selfbeheersing
  • Sinnelose doodmaak van diere ten sterkste verfoei
  • Vermorsing van wild wat gejag is ten sterkste veroordeel
  • Gewonde wild opspoor en herwin
  • Openbare vertoon van gejagde wild vermy
  • Toeken van enige kompetisieprys vir die doodmaak van wilde diere veroordeel
  • Foto’s van jagte slegs vir private versamelings hou en net dít publiseer wat respek teenoor die gejagde wild openbaar
  • Foto’s van bloedbesmeerde wild of van hope gejagde wild en/of jagvoëls veroordeel


Tydens die jag plaas SAJWV-lede altyd veiligheid eerste en tree op volgens die onderstaande beginsels:

  • Geen gejagde wild kan ooit vergoed vir ’n vriend wat beseer, vermink, of gedood is nie.
  • Ons skiet nie na wild wat ons nie duidelik kan sien en positief kan identifiseer nie.
  • Ons gebruik geen alkohol of narkotiese middels voor of gedurende ‘n jag nie.
  • Ons beskou dit as ons plig om sonder versuim en op ʼn vriendelike en opbouende wyse enige oortreding van vuurwapenveiligheid deur enige persoon in ons jaggeselskap te korrigeer.
  • Ons oefen deurgaans ons skietvaardighede en tegniek sodat ons ons jagwapens reg aanwend om te voldoen aan ons standpunt oor respek vir lewe en ’n eenskoot-doodskoot.


Kennis van jagspesies en die Wet

As SAJWV-lede streef ons daarna om soveel as moontlik te leer oor die spesies wat ons jag.

Ons identifiseer die wild wat ons jag positief vir spesie en vir geslag vóór ons skiet.

Ons tree op volgens die voorskrifte van bepaalde wetgewing, jagproklamasies en jagregulasies.


Respek vir grondeienaars se regte

SAJWV-lede respekteer die grond en eiendom van die grondeienaar waar ons jag deur:

  • seker te maak van jagbare spesies en geslag vóór ons die jagveld betree
  • hekke toe te maak en veldbrande te voorkom
  • die eienaar se reg respekteer om ’n billike prys vir jagbare wild te vra en in die gees van welwillendheid die gejagde wild met die gasheer en gids te deel indien hulle sou belangstel
  • enige omkopery van gidse te veroordeel om misskote te verdoesel of wanneer gejagde wild nie opgespoor kan word nie


Wreedheid teenoor diere

SAJWV-lede veroordeel enige vorm van wreedheid teenoor diere, ongeag of dit wilde of mak diere is.


Verantwoordelikheid ten opsigte van rommelstrooi

Weens jagters se respek vir die natuur veroordeel ons enige vorm van rommelstrooi en verwyder altyd ons eie en ander mense se rommel.



Jag en die natuur is onafskeidbaar. Daarom is alle ware jagters ook ware bewaarders.

  • SA Jagters onderskryf volhoubare benutting as die hoeksteen van effektiewe en verantwoordbare bewaring.
  • SA Jagters onderskryf die beginsels soos vervat in die IUCN se “Wêreld Bewaringstrategie” (1980) en alle daaropvolgende wysigings.
  • SA Jagters ondersteun die ontwikkeling van landelike gemeenskappe en die beginsel van volhoubare benutting van hernubare natuurlike hulpbronne in die algemeen en spesifieke wildspesies.


Ons gee iets terug

  • SAJWV-lede gee altyd iets terug aan die jaggemeenskap en doen moeite om toetreejagters te help.
  • Ons ondersteun die gesamentlike poging van die internasionale jagtersgemeenskap om jag tot voordeel van bewaring van wildspesies te bevorder.
  • SAJWV-lede koester die gees van welwillendheid onder jagters en aanvaar die verantwoordelikhede wat met jag gepaardgaan.

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