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The only home for hunters, sport shooters, wildlife custodians and firearm owners

A cut above the rest

Since 1949, SA Hunters has played a significant role in promoting conservation, securing our hunting heritage, and defending the rights of firearm owners.

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One-stop shop
SA Hunters represents and promotes the individual and collective interests of wildlife custodians, hunters, sport shooters, firearm owners, and game ranchers

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Democratic governance
The Association’s governance structure enables members to elect their representatives at branch and national level during the annual congress, which is the highest decision-making body for the organisation.

Full-time expertise

The only association with a full-time management team comprising expertise to advise and support members on legislation about firearm ownerships, licences, and endorsements; and to provide guidance on ethical and responsible hunting practices and wildlife conservation matters.

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Internationally recognised conservation association
SA Hunters is the only hunting association in the country that is recognised internationally for its conservation contribution through membership of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

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Conservation Initiatives
The Association harnesses the experience, resources and reach of its members to promote an integrated and sensible approach to biodiversity conservation and responsible wildlife use, mindful of its role as a cornerstone for human well-being and sustainable use.

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Dedicated to defending members’ rights
SA Hunters represents members on relevant special interest forums to defend their rights, including the right to own a firearm, and conserving our wildlife heritage. Our track record shows successful legal challenges in the highest court Read more

We offer our members the following

We have a dedicated Firearm Helpline

Accredited activities
SA Hunters has been accredited with the SAPS as a hunting and sport shooting association, which authorises it to train, issue, and administer dedicated hunter status, dedicated sport shooter status, and professional hunter status

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Skills Training
SA Hunters Sport Shooting has dedicated expertise that provide skills training in different sport shooting disciplines with frequent opportunities at branch, regional and national level to develop proficiency and compete in a structured, legal, and safe environment

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National footprint
The largest association with a national footprint of more than 80 branches nationwide

Local service delivery
Each branch is managed by a dedicated team that coordinates service delivery, activities, and access to the branch’s shooting range

A place for the entire family
SA Hunters offers activities that suit the various interests of the whole family ranging from wildlife and conservation activities, photography, hunting, sport shooting, and youth events

Find a branch

SA Hunters uses digital platforms and modern technology to enhance services to members, including a dedicated SA Hunters App and online self-administration system to capture data on animal sightings, hunting data, activities, and firearm information; track performance at competitions; issue automatic reminders of licence renewals; issue wild pig transport permits; shop online; and actively participate on social media (YouTube; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Strong public and media presence include two magazines, HuntEx and a shop
SA Hunters owns two industry magazines, SA Hunter/SA Jagter and Magnum; a 50% share in HuntEx, which is the biggest annual international trade expo for the hunting, shooting, wildlife sector in southern Africa that was established in 2011; and the SA Hunters Shop that offers products at competitive prices

Hunting packages and opportunities
SA Hunters negotiates sought-after hunting packages, e.g., local, and international buffalo hunts at reasonable prices for its members; issues and advises on hunting permits and meat transport permits.

SA Hunters runs an annual amateur photography competition in various categories to encourage photography among members, and to supplement the Association’s photo portfolio. A public online photography club for amateur wildlife and nature photographers offers bi-monthly photography competitions and challenges. Similar initiatives for SA Hunters’ branches and youth members with a focus on education are in the pipeline.

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The policy provides R 20 million cover for every paid-up member of SA Hunters against any liability towards a third party flowing from  participation of such paid-up member in any event organised by SA Hunters or in a hunting activity of such member.

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Commercial benefits
SA Hunters engages with relevant service providers to negotiate special offers to members, plus MyBonus membership and benefits

Send us your comments, questions or suggestions

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