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January 2024

6 February 2024

Dear colleagues

This is already the end of the first month of the new year. Following the summer holidays and Christmas, 2024 is gaining momentum quickly. Good rain over large parts of the country has transformed it into a lush green landscape, but there are still areas that desperately need rain.

This year will surely present its challenges, but there is much to be thankful for. Enjoy this first newsletter of the new year. I trust it will help you prepare for a year of enjoyable shooting, hunting, and other activities.

Kind regards
Fred Camphor
SA Hunters: CEO

Contact with Board Members

In an attempt to improve communication with Members, Branches and Regions, the Board decided to allocate responsibility for regions to identified Board members. The specific responsibility is allocated as follows:

Basie Bergh (Kalahari Bosveld, KZN, Mpumalanga North, Northern Cape)

Danie Momberg (Gauteng North, Gauteng Southeast, Gauteng Southwest)

Richard Sowry (Limpopo)

Frik Roets (Orange Free State, Mpumalanga South, Vaal River, Stellaland)

Gerhan Archer (Western Cape, Eastern Cape Coast, Drakensberg Eastern Cape, Northern Cape)

Board Members will attempt to visit the region once per annum and will also attempt to attend at least one regional shooting event in the course of the year.

SA Hunters celebrates 75 years

SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association, or then SA Hunters as we are more commonly known, will celebrate our 75 years of existence this year.

To commemorate this event, the Board approved the use of a special 75-year logo on our letterhead. We also have a special logo that could be used for more general printing and embroidery.

SA Hunters will have the digitized version of the Commemorative Logo available for distribution and use by the end of next week. Branches that would like to use these logo’s should please contact Dorothy Els at the office of SA Hunters after the end of next week to obtain the necessary approval and also the necessary electronic files.

Buffalo Hunt Competition

Last year’s buffalo hunt competition which had taken place at the end of November 2023, was undoubtedly a huge success. The lucky winner, Henk Becker, and his hunting companion Grant Anderson had the privilege of hunting a buffalo, waterbuck, and reedbuck as part of the prize as well as other animals from the concession’s community quota. Read the full article on the hunters’ experiences in the March/April edition of SA JAGTER/HUNTER (SA JAGTER November/Desember is still on the shelfs).

We are working on a similar competition for 2024. Keep an eye on the newsletter and social media for more information.

John Welch

John Welch, a legend in the firearm community, passed away on 9 January. He will be remembered for his expertise, friendly nature and enthusiasm. John will be sorely missed.

Read the article here

HuntEx 24 countdown starts!

HuntEx will take place at the Gallagher Exhibition Centre in Midrand from 26 – 28 April 2024. It is the
largest showcase and gathering for hunters, firearm enthusiasts, and outdoor enthusiasts in the
southern hemisphere. Dricus du Plessis thought HuntEx2023 was the best, ever. Hear what Dricus says about HuntEx.

As usual, SA Hunters will have a strong presence at the show where members can renew their
membership, sign up for activities, or pop in to meet the staff. Diarise these dates and buy your tickets online. Don’t miss out!

Buy tickets

Sponsorship for the SA Hunters President Shooting Competition

SA Hunters obtained a sponsorship for the President Shooting Competition early in the year.

We would like to thank Eksekuteurs vir Boedels en Testamente for the sponsorship which will comprise smaller sponsorships for 7 Regional President Shooting competitions as well as a full sponsorship for the National President Shooting Competition to be held on 17 August 2024.

Relationship with Hunting Rifle Shooting Association

The relationship between SA Hunters and the Hunting Rifle Association has normalised. Many of our members participate in their popular shooting competitions. In recent talks, the two associations agreed to promote each other’s shooting opportunities among their members.

View the Hunting Rifle Shooting Association’s calendar here

Dress Code

Following the SA Hunters Congress in November 2023, the Board considered and recommended an appropriate dress code for congress delegates to ensure that members of SA Hunters always make a good impression in their conduct and their appearance.

During the hot summer months, it is understandable that people prefer to dress comfortably. However, it is not acceptable to wear shorts, a T-shirt and slops while attending a congress in a public place. Therefore, the Board will expect members attending events where they represent SA Hunters, to adhere to the following dress code:

Dress code requirements for delegates and recipients of awards – smart casual

  • Men – Long pants, neat shoes, open neck shirt (branch shirts are acceptable)
  • Women – Knee-length or longer skirt or dress, slacks and blouse with neat sandals or shoes.

Dress code for board members and managers

  • Men – Long pants, dress shirt, SA Hunters tie and green blazer
  • Women – Knee-length or longer skirt or dress, slacks and blouse with neat sandals or shoes.

SA Hunters Kalahari Hunt Competition!

Win ʼn hunt valued at R100 000 for you and three friends in the red dunes of the Kalahari from 22-26 May 2024. Each hunter may hunt one gemsbuck bull and four springbuck rams. The price includes your accommodation, fuel, food and drinks, and all day, bakkie and slaughter fees. Each hunter will also receive a gift parcel.

It is super easy to enter. Buy a ticket for R100 for one chance to win in the lucky draw. There is no limit to the number of tickets you buy. The more tickets you buy, the better your chance to win the lucky draw.

  • Buy your ticket online on Quicket here
  • Or pay multiples of R100 in SA Hunters’ bank account at:
    • Absa (632005),
    • Account no.: 1443990077 (of 01443990077)
    • Use KAL and your cell phone number as a reference.


  • Closing date: 3 May 2024
  • Draw date: 8 May 2024
  • Hunting date: 22-26 May 2024


Buy your tickets now! You do not have to attend the draw. We will phone you if you win!

Firearm Licence Helpline

For Firearm Helpline, training and certification administration contact Hilona, Angelique or Petrus.

For training, sport shooting and competency queries, contact Liesel.

  • SA Hunters supports its members in complying with the legal requirements to own and use a firearm.
  • The Association represents members’ interests on relevant national forums and in legal processes towards legal firearm ownership.
  • SA Hunters’ firearm helpline has dedicated staff to answer members’ queries on firearm-related matters such as licence applications, competency certificates, and endorsements to accompany their licence applications.
  • An integrated, online member administration system provides members with easy access to store their information regarding firearms, ammunition, hunting, and sport shooting records on the system under their personal profile. 

Dedicated Status Reports 2024

The activity year runs from 1 November to 31 October of the following year. Members are encouraged to keep their activity reports up to date.

SA Hunters accepts any two of the following activities towards retaining dedicated hunter status:

  • Any hunting opportunity
  • Attending any official activity hosted by SA Hunters
  • Any other organised shooting activity where shottists sign an attendance register
  • Any private shooting exercise (informal shooting event)
  • Completed hunting report on the online member administration system
  • One reloading activity
  • Visit to HuntEx

SA Hunters accept any three of the following activities to retain their dedicated sport shooter status:

  • Any official shooting activity of SA Hunters such as a branch shooting day (member’s branch or as a visitor at another branch), any regional or national shooting event.
  • Any shooting event at any other accredited sport shooting association
  • Any other organised shooting activity where shottists sign an attendance register at the shooting range.
  • Any private shooting event (Shooting event informal)
  • One duty assignment as a range officer
  • One reloading activity for shottists that reload
  • Attendance at HuntEx

Learn more here about the conditions and requirements that dedicated hunters and dedicated sport shooters must meet to maintain their status.

President and Interbranch Shooting

The SA Hunters’ shooting season has just kicked off with the first of more than 170 regional shooting competitions scheduled for 2024. Thanks to the branches that will be hosting these shooting competitions. Good luck to our shottists! We wish you a successful shooting season.

For the President and Interbranch Team shooting competitions, the Mountain reedbuck target has already been introduced in 2022 and 2023 as an alternative to the Springbok target at regional shooting competitions. This year, we are expanding its use at the regional level to the national President and Interbranch Team shooting competitions taking place in August.  Click here for the rules.

The practice of alternating the Blue Wildebeest and Zebra targets for the bushveld shooting exercise at national shooting competitions is now also applicable to the Springbok and Mountain reedbuck targets for the Plains shooting exercise. We will announce later in the year when and where each one will be used.

Shotgun Shooting

SA Hunters added more categories to the shotgun shooting events to enable more women, juniors and older shottists to compete in separate classes on an equal footing. The new categories include junior ladies, veteran ladies, super veteran ladies, masters men, and masters ladies. Read the Comprehensive Rules for Shotgun Shooting here

SA Hunter also standardised the format for shotgun regional shooting competitions. Read more about it in the Regional and National Shooting Competitions here  Branches that offer opportunities for shotgun shooting at a regional level, are advised to take note of these changes.

Hunting Packages 2024

SA Hunters’ project that markets accredited hunting packages among its members is already quite well-known. According to reports on social media, many hunters are misled by fraudsters who advertise non-existing hunting opportunities.

With this project, the association puts its members who own hunting farms directly in contact with members who are hunters. In this way, the interests of both game farm owners and hunters are protected. Paid-up members who own hunting farms can contact Boetie Kirchner at boetiek@sahunt.co.za for more information about the hunting destinations project.

SA Hunters’ Approach to Conservation

For conservation efforts to be sustainable, they must be environmentally/ecologically sustainable, economically efficient, and socially responsible. Watch this short documentary video on SA Hunters’ approach to conservation.

Amateur Photography Competition

We received outstanding entries in our 2023 Photography Competition. Thank you to all our members who took the trouble to participate. We received more than 650 entries of which 450 were awarded platinum, gold, silver, and bronze certificates.

Congratulations to Pierre van der Berg (Pretoria East Branch) who won the Photographer of the Year Award. During the year, Pierre earned 10 silver, 55 gold and 5 platinum awards. Indeed, a remarkable achievement.

The winning photograph was taken by Koos Marias (Pretoria East Branch). Congratulations on this achievement.

The winners in the different categories are:

  • Fauna and flora DSLR/ML: Koos Marais (Pretoria East Branch)
  • Fauna and flora Smartphone/tablet: Boetie Kirchner (Griekwaland Wes Branch)
  • The Shooting Range: Tyrone Cass (Mopani Branch)
  • The Hunt: Boetie Kirchner (Griekwaland Wes Branch)


Members of the Pretoria East Branch submitted the most entries in 2023, thank you very much for your enthusiasm and participation.

We added a new category for 2024, namely Buffalo. The national office is always looking for new photographs of buffalo, especially the Dagga boys and herds of buffalo.

To facilitate entries in 2024, we simplified the process of submitting entries for the photo competitions. Members only have to send one photograph with all the necessary information to Marette by email. She will send instructions and a link to a personal One Drive (cloud) file where members can upload their photographs. These photographs must be larger than 2 MB and the maximum size is unlimited.

The terms and conditions have also been modified, be sure to read them.

Contact Marette for any inquiries.

Photography Club on Facebook

The theme for the November to January photo challenge was #contrast, which offered a wide scope of interpretation. As usual, the group’s members vote for the winning photograph, and the winner Rachelle van Niekerk, who will be receiving a book prize sponsored by SA Hunters.

The group’s members also participated in two mini photo challenges,  #flowerday and #zebraday. These were just for fun and there were no winners announced or prizes to be won.

The theme for the February/March photo challenge is #water. Read the details here.

Feel free to invite the members in your branch, friends, and family to join the group. It offers a friendly interactive forum for sharing, commenting and suggestions.

Contact Marette for any inquiries.

Game Meat Recipes

One is never too young to take an interest in food preparation and if you can source the ingredients yourself, it is the most honest meal you can ever dream of putting on the table. Just ask Killian Kirchner. This month, he shares his favourite game recipe: hamburgers.

Go to our brand new game meat recipe page

If you are a hunter, you most probably have a favourite recipe that you could be famous for. You can even be our first SA Hunters game meat chef. This is a long-term project to encourage members to get involved.

We plan a dedicated section on our website and our Facebook page to share members’ cooking talents. Send your recipe including a short background (e.g., it was your grandma’s recipe), a photograph of you and your dish, the ingredients and method.  Any recipe is welcome as long as game meat is one of the ingredients. Send it to boetiek@sahunt.co.za or marette@sahunt.co.za

Freddy Hirsch

The Freddy Hirsch Group are sponsoring hampers to give away in our game meat recipe challenge. The sooner you enter your game meat recipe, the better your chance is to win one of these hampers.

The Freddy Hirsch Group is a proud supporter of SA Jagters. Please visit their webwerf.

SA Hunters Shop

The SA Hunters Shop stocks a large variety of products from leading manufacturers in the hunting and shooting industry.

The Online Store offers clients and members a one-stop shopping experience. Look out for amazing deals on popular products. Visit our online store for firearms, ammunition, reloading equipment, optics, and accessories. Members qualify for 10% discount.

All these deals are also available at the SA Hunters Shop at Inyathi Park, Derdepoort, Pretoria. We look forward to welcome members in our store.

Contact us for more information on +27 12 808 9399 or shop@sahunt.co.za

Shop gift vouchers here

The SA Hunters Shop can email or deliver a gift voucher in a gift box to the recipients.

Delivery on vouchers of R500 or more is free!

Commercial offers to our members

The special offers are revised annually in July to ensure that we offer quality products and services to our members. Our new website makes special provision for commercial affairs, which offers great opportunities for additional marketing. The commercial benefits will be posted weekly on our social media pages.

Individuals interested in offering their products to members, can contact us with a proposal.

We also welcome referrals to businesses that support SA Hunters.

We also welcome members to give us feedback/reviews on the products offered.

Contact Marette Bennett

cell: 082 553 4719 or e-mail: marette@sahunt.co.za

Go to the complete list of commercial offers here.

Craftbraai offers 10% discount to members

The Craft Braai Bag™ or Craft Braai Sakkie™ is about to change the way you braai.

Use the discount code at checkout: SAJV2023

Go to the complete list of commercial offers here.

stediLens offer 10% discount to members

A super simple and effective way to stabilize
your heavy telephoto lens or camera. Track any action with gimbal-like movement.

Use the discount code at checkout: sahunt

Go to the complete list of commercial offers here.

Peter's Guide Books offer 10% discount to members

  • Detailed maps and GPS co-ordinates of all points of interest.
  • English, Afrikaans, German and Latin names of trees, animals and birds.
  • Meaning of place names.
  • Instant identification of trees, geological formations and historical connections.
  • Interesting facts and photos of animals and common birds.

Use the discount code at checkout: sahunt

Tyremart Hatfield offers a 3% extra discount to members

An extra 3% off on regular discount at Hatfield only.

Free nitrogen for tyres and free wheel alignment test


Johan on 082 564 8222

Lourens on 072 591 0926

to make an appointment

Go to the complete list of commercial offers here.

A Line Tours Pty Ltd offer 10% discount to members

A Line Tours is owner operated and a qualified tourist guide and nature guide.


Francois Annadale on 071 932 6125 for a quote

(Francois is a member of the Pretoria East Branch)

Go to the complete list of commercial offers here.

Send us your comments, questions or suggestions for the monthly newsletter

Photo: Koos Marias - Gold Award
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