Working Wild Partners

Working Wild

The Working Wild Program is an initiative of SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association to advance conservation initiatives of its more than 70 branches across South Africa through partnerships with like-minded organisations and conservation programs.  As conservation is a key objective of the organisation since its inception in 1949, members already participate as volunteers in a variety of conservation initiatives such as:

  • habitat restoration (e.g. alien invasive clearing and re-introductions)
  • conserving threatened habitats and species (e.g. ground hornbill, black footed cat, oribi, etc. – we have more than a thousand ranchers)
  • anti-poaching (e.g. donated more than R300K in the fight against rhino poaching  and many man hours in driving patrols and clearing snares)
  • research (e.g. collection of genetic samples and several citizen science projects)
  • re-introductions (e.g. cheetah on Rietvlei dam NR and Ou Volk)
  • biomonitoring programs (e.g. bird ringing)
  • awareness raising (e.g. arranging talks and outreach activities)
  • support to reputable rehabilitation facilities (e.g. volunteer work)

SA Hunters and Game Conservation yesterday signed an agreement with AfricanBats NPC to collaborate on bat conservation in South Africa as part of the Working Wild Programme of SA Hunters. The Working Wild Programme advances worthwhile conservation initiatives through partnerships with like-minded organisations and conservation programmes by mobilising its members to support and participate in these initiatives.

According to Ernest Seamark, CEO of AfricanBats NPC, bats make up a quarter of the mammalian diversity on the planet. South Africa is home to approximately 72 bat species of which more than 25% occur in urban areas. However, the positive role that bats play in our ecosystem is poorly understood by most people. Bats are also susceptible to environmental change and are vulnerable to increased levels of pesticides.