Dear SA Hunters members,

The crispness in the morning air signals the arrival of the hunting season. Those of you who have already had the privilege of enjoying the fruits of your hunting harvest can feel blessed. Those of you who watch your neighbours’ biltong drying from the ceiling with envy, are probably looking forward to start your own adventure soon.


With hunting comes certain responsibilities which requires knowledge of important legal requirements. The laws related to hunting can be very complicated. See a summary of the hunting legislation. You can also find the complete hunting proclamations here.

Members having the opportunity to hunt across our borders and wanting to bring your precious cargo back home from Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho will benefit by reading Vanessa Bell’s newsletter on the relevant permits that are required. Also see the meat import permit application and the guidelines for own use.


Some hunters came across a few surprises at the border posts which they brought to our attention. Firstly, please do not take any meat, fat or dairy products across the border from South Africa. Due to the foot-and-mouth outbreak in South Africa earlier this year, some border posts are confiscating all animal products. One member also encountered difficulties because the state veterinarian completed his permit with a blue instead of a black pen. Although the Department of Agriculture assured us that it is acceptable to use a blue pen, but to avoid any problems we suggest that you ensure all documents are completed in black ink. Remember to make copies of all your documents that your take with you because the border posts retain these documents and do not have facilities to make copies.


If you are taking your firearm across the border, please apply for your temporary firearm export permit at your local police station at least 21 days before your departure. We recommend that you do it even earlier to avoid inconvenience of any delays that might impact on your plans. For your convenience, here is the application form.


Happy hunting
Boetie Kirchner