Hunting News

Dear SA Hunters members,

The crispness in the morning air signals the arrival of the hunting season. Those of you who have already had the privilege of enjoying the fruits of your hunting harvest can feel blessed. Those of you who watch your neighbours’ biltong drying from the ceiling with envy, are probably looking forward to start your own adventure soon.

I trust that most of you have already had the privilege to hunt this season or to enjoy some time out in nature. If not, you are probably getting ready for the hunt.

Amidst all the excitement for the preparations, I want to remind you of the various viruses that you need to be aware of and to make precautions to avoid. The wonderful rain we received in the past month in many parts in South Africa, has created favourable conditions for insects that transmit dangerous viruses. This letter is not intended to scare you, but just to inform you of what is out there and how to best avoid or treat it.

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