The applicant must be a South African citizen.

The applicant must be 21 years of age or older (unless there are compelling reasons for the person to obtain competency for a firearm licence)

The list below is a guideline of the documentation that you will need to supply with your firearm licence application. Please note that your local designated firearms officer (DFO) may have slightly difference requirements and may request additional information. Prepare copies beforehand as most SAPS offices do not have facilities to make copies of your documents.

  • SAP 271 application form
  • 2 x copies of identity document
  • 2 x full colour passport size photos
  • Proof of residential address
  • Copy of training certificates (proficiency); SASSETA or statement of results.
  • Existing firearm owners: Copy of current relevant competency certificate OR
  • New firearm owners: Application for relevant competency certificate
  • Section 15 - Occasional hunter/Sportshooter : 2 X hunting/sport letters
  • Section 16 - Dedicated hunter/Sportshooter: Copies of valid section 16 status
  • Clear colour photographs of the safe in which you will be storing the firearm. Photos must show:
    1. Full exterior (door closed);
    2. Full interior (door open); and
    3. Close-up of fastening bolts of the safe.
  • A comprehensive motivation per licence application
  • R140 cash per licence application
  • Any additional documentation that supports your applicationĀ 

When acquiring a firearm from an individual (current owner)

  • Copy of identity document of current licence holder
  • Copy of existing firearm licence
  • Section F, Type A (private owner) on application form must be completed by current owner

When acquiring firearm from an estate

  • Estate executor appointment letter
  • Letter of transfer/permission from the estate executor stating that the applicant is authorized to apply for ownership of the firearm.
  • Copy of identity document of estate executor
  • Death certificate of previous licence holder
  • Copy of identity document of previous licence holder
  • Section F, Type E (Estate) on application form must be completed and signed by the executor

When acquiring a firearm from a firearms dealer

  • Additional SAP 350(a) as completed by the dealer
  • Section F, Type B (Firearm dealer) on application form must be completed

SAHGCA Member supporting documentation

  • Copy of latest SAHGCA membership certificate. This is downloadable from the Member Administration system.
  • Endorsement of suitability per firearm (request from national office)
  • Members with dedicated status: Letter of good standing (request from national office)
  • Where applicable, a copy of you Hunting and Shooting Activity Log and SAHGCA shooting scores. This is downloadable from the Member Administration system.

If the original document is not presented, all copies must be certified.