Dedicated Sport Shooter Status

Dedicated Sport Shooter Status complies with the conditions of Act 60 of 2000. Any person that acquires this status may be referred to as a Dedicated Sport Shooter in terms of Section 16 of this Act. This offers such a person the opportunity to own more than 4 fire-arms for the purposes of sport shooting.

SAHGCA Dedicated Sportshooter Status is intended for members who participate in at least three official SAHGCA shooting activities or compete at SAHGCA sportshooting competitions at branch, regional, provincial or national level every year. SAHGCA Dedicated Sportshooter Status is not suitable for members that own more than 4 (four) firearms, hunt often, and do not participate in shooting competitions.

Application process for Dedicated Sport Shooter

  1. Members wishing to complete the training course to obtain Dedicated Sportshooter Status are advised to contact the relevant senior training person at their branch to arrange attendance of the training course.
  2. Members must achieve 70% in the examination to qualify for Dedicated Sportshooter Status.
  3. Complete the registration application for Dedicated Sportshooter Status and submit it together with proof of payment to Maica at
  4. A once-off administrative fee of R200-00 must accompany every application. (This fee is over and above the course fee).
  5. SAHGCA will acknowledge certificates for Dedicated Sportshooter Status obtained from another accredited association if the holder is a paid-up member pills of that association.
  6. If the member's membership of the other organisation has lapsed or if the certificate has not been issued by an accredited association, SAHGCA might insist that the member repeats the examination or enrols for the full training course with SAHGCA.
  7. SAHGCA's membership fees must be fully paid up before Dedicated Sportshooter Status can be issued.
  8. Senior SAHGCA members aged 70 and older that do not yet have dedicated status, qualify automatically for Dedicated Sportshooter Status, provided they complete the application form and submit it together with proof of payment of R200,00 to Maica at or 086 655 6676.
  9. Application forms and proof of payment should be sent by e-mail to Maica at or 086 655 6676.

In terms of the regulations of the Firearms Control Act dedicated sportshooters that wish to retain their dedicated status must submit activity reports of their participation in at least three official SAHGCA shooting activities annually to the Association on or before 31 October every year. Failure to submit these reports will result in the cancellation of members' Dedicated Sportshooter Status.

Queries: Maica at or 012 808 9300.

Dedicated Status Documents

Filename Size Date
An Adobe Acrobat file Application for Dedicted Hunter or Sport Shooter Status SAHGCA 110.3 KB 2015-10-08
A Microsoft Word file Dedicated Status Activity Report 2015 101.5 KB 2015-10-08
A Microsoft Word file Dedicated Status Non-Activity Report 2015 95.5 KB 2015-10-08

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