Inyathipark Nuus - April 2017

Uiteindelik het die jagseisoen van 2017 ook aangebreek. Teen hierdie tyd is die eerste vleis al in die koelkas en die biltong hang. Die droëwors behoort nou al eetbaar te wees.
Met die hofaansoek en HuntEx beide so teen die einde van April was daar net te veel dinge en daarom is my nuusbrief ‘n week laat.

1. Court Application
Our court application was indeed heard in the North Gauteng High Court on 25 and 26 April 2017. Judgement was reserved and we are expecting Judge Ronel Tolmay to deliver judgement within 8 to 12 weeks. It may happen sooner. We will certainly keep you posted.

It is important to understand that even if the ruling is in our favour, it will not immediately resolve the problem of lapsed firearms. Remember, we requested far-reaching relief, namely:

  • Find and declare sections 24 and 28 of the Act unconstitutional
  • Instruct Parliament to amend the Act to address these shortfalls
  • Deem all licences that already lapsed to remain valid until the Act is changed appropriately.

If the judgement is in our favour it will automatically be referred to the Constitutional Court for ratification. This may take up to 6 months. The process to amend the Act may then start and it would most certainly take some time as well. It is envisaged that the process could take up to two years before the Act is eventually amended.

2. Regshulpfonds
Die Regshulpfonds het uiteindelik die R456 190 merk bereik met bydraes van beide ons lede en lede van die publiek.

Die trekking van die pryse wat in die kompetisie uitgeloot is, is op Woensdag 26 April gedoen. Baie geluk aan die wenners van elkeen van hierdie pryse en baie dankie vir die bydraes wat elkeen van u gemaak het. Ons waardeer dit opreg. Die betrokke individue is reeds ingelig van die pryse wat hulle gewen het.

U kan die name van die wenners en die beskrywing van die pryse wat hulle gewen het hier kry.

The prizes in the lucky draw for contributions made to the SA Hunters Legal Aid Fund have been drawn on 26 April 2017. More information about the prizes and winners, is available here.

3. Hunting Licences
Some game and bird hunting licences are still available from the SAHGCA national office. Members can contact Vanessa Bell on (012) 808 9306 or for more information. The table below indicates which licences are available from Vanessa.

Province Type of Licence Available
Gauteng Game bird hunting licences only
Mpumalanga Game bird hunting licences only
Free State Game and game bird hunting licences
Kwa/Zulu Natal Ordinary and protected game licences, including game bird hunting licences
Eastern Cape Game and game bird hunting licences
Western Cape Game and game bird hunting licences
Other licences and permits
Northern Cape Licences are only available at selected Post Offices countrywide click here for the list.
Limpopo Province Contact Vanessa regarding the process in place, dealing with permits in the province for permits
Northwest Province
Transport permits and all Wild Pig transport permits Contact Vanessa regarding the process in place, dealing with these permits

4. HuntEx Gauteng
HuntEx Gauteng is vanaf 27 April tot 1 Mei 2017 aangebied. Alhoewel die getal besoekers, 38 202, minder was op erlede jaar, is die geregistreerde handelaars tevrede met die besigheid wat hulle gedoen het. Met die effens kleiner getal besoekers was daar ook nie so ‘n deurlopende erge gedrang nie en kon hulle beter diens lewer en meer aandag aan besoekers gee.

Die wenners van die twee trekkings vir lede by HuntEx Gauteng wat ons by die stalletjie besoek het om aan te sluit en/of ledegeld te betaal is senior lid:  Sarel Cilliers – Lid 050612 van Wes Rand tak en junior lid: Carlu Vos - Lid 088160 van Thabazimbi tak.

Nou lê ons uitstallings by NAMPO van 16 tot 19 Mei 2017 voor en in die volgende week is dit oppak en reis vir HuntEx Oos-Kaap van 26 tot 28 Mei 2017.

5. Our Own SA Hunters Mobile App
SA Hunters developed a mobile application that is available exclusively for its members.

The App is currently only available for use on Android devices (Android 5.0 or higher) and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Search for ‘SA Hunters Members’ or go to

The first version of the App provides members with the following functionality:

  • View your SA Hunters profile
  • View and display your SA Hunters membership card electronically
  • View and update your contact information
  • View and log your hunting and shooting activities to maintain dedicated status
  • Receive notifications from Head Office or your branch

Use your member number and the same password for this app as for the online member administration system. If you have not logged into the member administration site yet, the app also provides the option to request a password for the first time.

Data from the nation’s top cellular providers shows that roughly three quarters of smartphones in circulation are running on Android. The Android platform was the logical starting point to determine member interest in the SA Hunters mobile application.

If you would like to, but cannot use the app either because your device cannot upgrade to Android 5.0, or because you own another brand of phone, we would like to hear from you. Please let us know via e-mail at and provide us with the information of your current device (brand name and model). If the demand is high enough, we will expand the app for use on lower versions of Android, or on other brands of devices (e.g. Apple iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Phone).
Remember that you will receive discount on the entry fee at HuntEx when showing either your physical SA Hunters membership card or the electronic version on your phone.

Those of you that decide to download the app, please also take the time to rate it with feedback.

6. Lidmaatskap
Teen einde April 2017, het die Vereniging se ledetal op 40 990 gestaan. Dit lyk of die ledetal van SA Jagters rondom 40 000 lede stabiliseer. Ons glo ons kan sekerlik beter doen as net 40 000 lede aan wie ons dienste lewer.

Onthou asseblief dat elke lid van SA Jagters wat tien of meer gewone lede vir die Vereniging werf gratis lidmaatskap vir die volgende jaar ontvang. Takke wat nuwe lede werf ontvang ook R100 van die nuwe lid se ledegeld, bo en behalwe die taksubsidie ten opsigte van die nuwe lid.

Let daarop dat slegs een insentief ten opsigte van ’n nuwe lid van toepassing is, m.a.w. óf die Tak óf die lid ontvang die aansporing vir die nuwe lid gewerf.

7. Conservation
Game species listed for animal improvement
The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) listed twelve indigenous antelope species for the first time under a category for “Game” as Declared Landrace Breeds under the Animal Improvement Act (AIA) on 10 June 2016, without any public consultation. SA Hunters is gravely concerned about this amendment that puts Black Wildebeest, Blue Wildebeest, Blue Duiker, Bontebok, Gemsbok, Impala, Oribi, Red Hartebeest, Roan, Sable, Springbok, and Tsessebe at risk of genetic manipulation, in the same way cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, dogs, cats and poultry are bred to develop specific breeds for agricultural production purposes.  

There is also a reputational risk to the hunting sector as there is no certification system that allows hunters to distinguish between “tame”/“manipulated” game and free-roaming game. Hunting of tame/manipulated animals are not perceived as responsible hunting and can negatively impact on hunting to contribute sustainably to the economy and human well-being.

In response to this, it was agreed at the last NBCF meeting of SA Hunters to obtain legal opinion on the lack of consultation with SA Hunters as an affected party as well as the legality of including game species under the AIA act.

The development of a “Green Certification System” that members can use to distinguish between wild, responsibly management game and those that were bred under intensive agricultural practices is already receiving attention internally and at a national level.

Awareness of the role of hunting in conservation and socio-economic development
Animal rightists are manipulating public sentiments and spurring misconceptions about hunting and sustainable wildlife utilisation. We have been informed that these groups have now also cleverly targeted academic institutions and the philanthropists that provide funding for academic research on these aspects and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get research grants for true sustainable utilisation research.  

SA Hunters can contribute to changing perceptions by providing sound scientific arguments supported by practical examples where possible, influencing policy and funding relevant research.

For this reason, the Manager Conservation presented lectures to Masters’ students in ecological economics from all over the world at the University of Edinburgh during a field trip to South Africa. Feedback from the programme manager and African Insights indicated that the students afterwards reported that the contribution from SA Hunters broadened their understanding and provided valuable insights to their understanding of the role of hunting in conservation and sustainable socio-economic development in rural landscapes.  

Workshop on the contribution of the southern African wildlife ranching industry to conservation and development.
The Manager Conservation participated in a workshop organised by WRSA and Earthmind on the contribution of the southern African wildlife ranching industry to conservation and development. The objective is to work towards a more coherent wildlife industry that contributes to implementing Sustainable Development Goals in the region. Leading academics from Southern Africa and the USA that shared their research on practical matters and methodological approaches relating to the interface of private and public interests in wildlife management, participated in the workshop.

A short report of the workshop including a list or participants as well as the main presentations are now available at:

Bewaringsinisiatiewe vir individuele lede
Vir lede wat op individuele vlak betrokke wil raak by bewaringsinisiatiewe, word twee nasionale projekte gelys vir persone wat sou belangstel om daaraan deel te neem.
Projek 1 – “Brake For Wildlife”: Dit is ‘n program van EWT wat poog om 'n strategie te ontwikkel om vrektes van wilde diere op paaie te verminder. Lede van die publiek word genooi om enige gevalle waar wilde diere dood op die pad aangetref word te rapporteer deur ‘n toepassing (App) op jou selfoon. Waar daar ‘n dier is wat raakgery is, word die volgende inligting deurgestuur met behulp van die “App”:

  • Lokaliteit (“location” lesing)
  • Tipe dier
  • Datum en tyd
  • Notas (beskrywing van die area)
  • Foto vir identifikasie

Die App is beskikbaar op iTune of Playstore wat rapportering van data makliker maak. Meer inligting is beskikbaar by die volgende skakels:

Projek 2 – Nasionale Voël Atlas Projek: Lede kan enige waarnemings van voëls, of dit in die tuin of in die jagveld is, deurstuur as deel van hierdie inisiatief. Daar is twee toepassings beskikbaar.

Die eerste toepassing is vir gevorderde voëlkykers (LynxBirdTicks – Android) en die tweede is geskkik vir beginners (BirdLasser – iPhone & Android).

Deur data te stuur, help lede om die voorkoms en verspreiding van voëls landwyd te dokumenteer. Oor ‘n gegewe periode kan hierdie data waardevol wees om te sien hoe die verspreiding van voëls verander na gelang van veranderende klimaatsomstandighede of impak van mense.

As jagters, is dit veral belangrik dat ons data van roofvoëls deurgee. Vir meer inligting oor die Voël Atlas, gaan na

8. Retention of Dedicated Status
Activity reports to maintain dedicated status were due on 31 October 2016. We now have only 806 Dedicated Hunter members and 874 Dedicated Sport Shooter members that did not report the required activities. Thank you very much to all members that took the trouble to report the activities to retain your dedicated status.

You now have the absolute last chance to provide the required information on your activities to retain dedicated status. Without reporting the activities required you will be reported in June for not having dedicated status anymore and may risk losing some of your firearm licences.

We want to reduce the number of activity reports that we receive via e-mail and/or fax and request members to update their activity logs online.

9. SA Jagters Gholfdag
SA Jagters hou op 9 Junie 2017 sy eerste gholfdag by Wingate Park Gholfklub. Dit is die personeel by die nasionale kantoor se poging om ook geld vir die Regshulpfonds in te samel. Hulle doen ook al die werk verbonde aan die gholfdag self. Daar sal verskeie pryse te wen wees vir vierballe wat inskryf. Die dag behoort ‘n aangename geleentheid te wees om ons belangrikste borge te ontmoet. Dit kos R4 000 per vierbal en sluit ‘n ete, prystrekking en veiling van memorabilia in.

Meer inligting oor die gholfdag is hier beskikbaar. Daar is slegs plek vir 10 vierballe oor.

Kontak asseblief vir om u inskrywing te finaliseer.

10. Training
SA Hunters and the Wildlife College – Dangerous Game Hunting Course
The development of a dangerous game hunting course is a joint initiative of SA Hunters and Southern African Wildlife College. The course gives dedicated hunters the unique opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience on the hunting of dangerous game in a big five area.

Dr. Kevin Robertson, better known as Doctari, author of various authoritative publications on shot placement, among others The Perfect Shot, is head of this department. The course offers dedicated hunters a chance to receive training on the hunting of dangers game under the guidance of specialists on particular species.

The course focuses primarily on the hunting of the big five. The training takes place in the Kruger National Park at the Wildlife College adjacent to Orpen Gate. Initially the training will include the hunting of elephant and buffalo. Pieter Nell is the elephant specialist and Dr. Robertson is an expert on buffalo. Gawie Lindeque provides logistical support.

NB: Persons interested in enrolling, must have SA Hunters Dedicated Hunter Status

The course dates for the rest of the year are identified below and the fee for the combined course for Elephant and Buffalo is R 4 000 per person:

8 June to 11 June 2017                 1 x places available
12 June to 15 June 2017             6 x places available 
15 June to 18 June 2017 Fully booked by Houtkapper Branch
19 June to 22 June 2017 6 x places available 
22 June to 25 June 2017 6 x places available
26 June to 29 June 2017 5 x places available
29 June to 2 July 2017                   1 x places available
3 July to 6 July 2017 Fully booked by Sebra Branch

The course can accommodate a maximum of 6 people.
More information on here on our website or contact Liesel on tel: 012 808 9331 or send contact details to

11. Fotokompetisie
Ons Fotokompetisie word weer in 2017 aangebied met die doel om ‘n klompie foto’s bymekaar te maak wat die Vereniging (met die toestemming van, en erkenning aan die fotograaf) sal kan gebruik.

Die doel van die kompetisie is om ‘n portefeulje saam te stel van die beste foto’s wat SA Jagters se lede geneem het sodat ons dit by geleenthede soos die jaarlikse kongres se gala-aand kan vertoon. Die naam van die fotograaf en die tak waaraan die lid behoort, sal by die foto verskyn.

Aan die einde van elke kwartaal sal ons foto’s kies om by hierdie portefeulje in te sluit en dit ook op publiseer. Lede sal ook erkenning in die vorm van goud, silwer of brons sertifikate ontvang.

Vir die eerste keer het een van ons verskaffers pryse geborg vir die wenners van die fotokompetisie. Meer inligting oor die borgskap en pryse sal binnekort bekend gemaak word.
Die kategorieë vir die kompetisie is:
1.    Die moeite werd om te bewaar. Enige plant- of dierelewe wat na jou mening die moeite werd is om te bewaar.
2.    Dis hoekom ek jag. Wat maak jou jagtog soveel méér as net skiet.
3.    My tak is die beste. Hoekom jy dit geniet om aan jou SA Jagters-tak te behoort.

Lees gerus hier wat jy moet doen om in te skryf.

Die eerste kwartaal se finaliste kan hier gesien word.

12. Kommersiële sake
Soos u nou reeds weet, sluit ons skakels in na ons webwerf vir meer inligting oor spesiale aanbiedings aan lede van SA Jagters. Kliek op die skakel waarin u belangstel.

Ons sluit kort beskrywings in van spesiale boodskappe of inligting oor nuwe verskaffers wat afslag aan lede bied.

Die volgende leweransiers bied spesiale voordele aan lede van SA Jagters.

  • Toyota SA
  • Westvaal Nelspruit
  • Action Ford
  • Hinterland Groep
  • Wildman Hunting and Outdoor
  • Inyathi Sporting Supplies het ‘n spesiale aanbod op Nosler Custom Competition punte in die gewilde kalibers vir sportskiet saam met ‘n klompie uitgesoekte handelaars. Hier is u geleentheid om punte teen goeie korting te koop vir skuts wat gereeld skiet en baie herlaai. Die aanbod geld net tot einde Mei 2017.
  • Hokaai Slaghuis
  • Die Wildshoekie Vleismark bied steeds 5% korting op hulle reeds goeie tariewe vir vleisverwerking aan alle lede van SA Jagters
  • LAVA Vakuumverpakking
  • Selftrack
  • MAINSU Kragopwekkers
  • Heartech Gehoorbeskerming
  • Herlaaikursusse deur Cassie Nienaber

Kliek hier vir meer inligting oor enige van die bogenoemde voordele.

13. Regional Meetings
Managers from the National office visit the different regions for meetings with representatives from the various branches in the regions. During May 2017 six such meetings are planned. Should you like to know more about these meetings please contact your Branch Management for more information.

14. Navrae by SA Jagters se Nasionale Kantoor
Dit gebeur gereeld dat enkele van die bestuurders algemene navrae ontvang en nie noodwendig die betrokke lid kan help met die inligting wat hy/sy benodig nie. Ons versoek dat u sover moontlik u navrae na die regte afdeling verwys.
Die kontaknommers en e-posadresse vir navrae is soos volg:
•    Navrae oor lidmaatskap, administrasie en finansies
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Finansies: e-posadres:
•    Navrae oor opleiding
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Opleiding;  e-posadres:
•    Vuurwapenhulplyn, endossemente, motiverings en navrae oor lisensie-aansoeke
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Vuurwapenhulplyn; e-posadres:
•    Toegewyde status en registrasie van aktiwiteite
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Toegewyde Status;     e-posadres:
•    Bewaringsaangeleenthede
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Bewaring; e-posadres:
•    Jagsake
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Jagsake; e-posadres:
•    Navrae oor Takaangeleenthede en verwante sake
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Takaangeleenthede;     e-posadres:
•    Navrae t.o.v. skietsake en verwante aangeleenthede
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Skietsake; e-posadres:
•    Navrae oor enige aanlynstelsels, webwerf, tablette
Tel (012) 808 9300 of e-posadres:
•    Enige algemene of ander navrae
Tel (012) 808 9300 of e-posadres:

Fred Camphor
SA Jagters: HUB

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