• SA Jagters Golfdag Junie 2017

    SA Jagters Golfdag Junie 2017

    SA Jagters het op Vrydag 9 Junie 2017 vir die eerste keer in die geskiedenis ‘n Gholfdag gehou. Hierdie dag is gehou Read More
  • SA Jagters Ledewerwing by HuntEx 2017

    SA Jagters Ledewerwing by HuntEx 2017

    SA Jagters het weer eens vanjaar by HuntEx Gauteng gehou te Gallagher Estate teen die einde van April ‘n spesiale poging aangewend Read More
  • First cheetah cubs born at Rietvlei Nature Reserve

    First cheetah cubs born at Rietvlei Nature Reserve

    Pretoria:  The birth of three cheetah cubs at Rietvlei Nature Reserve (RNR) south of Pretoria early in November 2016 has caused great Read More
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SAHGCA Newsletters (38)

SAJWV Nuusbriewe

30 October 2013

Liability Insurance

There appears to be some confusion pertaining to the terms and conditions of the proposed liability insurance for SAHGCA and its members. The facts of the matter are as follows:

  • The cover is for both members and the Association, i.e., assuming there is a shooting accident during a SAHGCA shooting competition, where for example a visitor is shot and killed by a SAHGCA member and there is also some culpability by the SAHGCA Range Officer. The dependents of the deceased could proceed against the SAHGCA member who pulled the trigger; or the SAHGCA member who was negligent in his duties as Range Officer; or SAHGCA itself if there was some fault, let’s say, with the Range Officer rules or the way the Range Officer had obtained his/her qualification; or for that matter any or all of the 3 parties above. In this case all 3 would be protected to the tune of R 20 million.  If, to carry this example further, the Range Officer had pre-existing personal liability cover to the tune of R5 million, and the claim was for R20 million (for loss of earnings, for example), the members personal cover would be used first and then the proposed SAHGCA cover would kick in for the remaining R15 million. Read more...
30 September 2013

Die jaarlikse President Skietkompetisie het verlede naweek by Genl. Piet Joubert-skietbaan, noord van Pretoria, plaasgevind.  104 deelnemers van regoor die land (85 Ope afdeling, 10 Seniors, 9 Dames en 29 Juniors) het byeengekom om in SAJWV se mees prestige individuele skietbyeenkoms van die jaar mee te ding.  Die Ope-afdeling is gewen deur SJ Vorster (Lammergeyer) met 540 uit 540 – 15 V-kolle; met AJ Strauss (Makwepa)- 530 (13) in die tweede plek en T Cilliers (Makwepa)  - 520 (13) in die derde plek. L Uys (Suikerbosrand) het die Senior-afdeling gewen, T Taylor (Lammergeyer) het in die Dames-afdeling geseëvier en die O/18 randslag is gewen deur  RD Smit (Impala), met E Coleman (Springbok) as die wenner in die O/13 luggeweer-afdeling.

30 August 2013

Shooting activities

The National Inter-branch Team shoot took place at the Vrystaat Sandveld Soutpan shooting range on 17 August 2013. The shoot was hosted by the Bloemfontein branch, ably assisted by the Vrystaat Sandveld branch. This was the first National shoot where the new Range Officer Manual and new Range Safety rules were in force and safety procedures were noticeably improved, compared to previous National shoots.

The competition was deservedly won by the Lammergeier “A” team, in very challenging weather conditions. The shooting standards at Lammergeier are so high that were it not for the SAHGCA rule that no more than 3 teams may qualify from any one branch in this competition, there would have been 4 Lammergeier teams in the 30 teams that made the final!  The better you shoot, the easier your hunt becomes and Pierre Bosch, the Chairman of the Lammergeier branch, has set his branch’s standards so high that it will be difficult for others to match. Congratulations also to Makwepa “A” who came second and to Genl. De la Rey “A” who were only invited as a result of other teams not being able to attend, but yet managed to come third overall.


30 July 2013


SAJWV ontvang al hoe meer navrae van lede oor vertragings in die versending van hulle SAJWV-lidmaatskapkaartjies. Die proses vir die uitreiking van hierdie kaartjies is soos volg:

  • Nuwe en bestaande lede betaal ledegeld en verskaf persoonlike besonderhede wat SAJWV op sy inligtingstelsel invoer;
  • Sodra betaling bevestig is, stuur SAJWV ongeveer twee keer per maand ‘n lys met lede se name en besonderhede aan My BONUS;
  • Wanneer betalings met debietorders gedoen word, mag vertragings van tot tien dae voorkom indien enige probleme by die bank ondervind word (onvoldoende gelde, verkeerde bankbesonderhede, ens);
  • My BONUS gaan die besonderhede (ID-nommers, adresse ens) op die lys na; Read more...
30 June 2013

Shooting activities
In the 12 months to September 2012 some 32 300 individual shottists participated in SAHGCA shooting competitions (at branch, regional and national level). We expect that the overall participation for the 12 months to September 2013, when these figures become available, will be substantially higher again. (The level of participation in regional competitions has increased by some 35% compared to last year). On any given Saturday, there are, on average, 12 SAHGCA shooting competitions taking place around the country. The standard of shooting also continues to rocket, with well more than 100 people gaining platinum awards during regional President’s shoot qualifiers.  In fact, it is likely that a few unlucky individuals will have shot platinum at the regional level during the year but still have failed to qualify for the President’s shoot!

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