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Inyathipark Nuus - Junie 2017

We eventually received the Court decision following our High Court application against the Minister of Police at 10h00 today.

1. Court application
Judge Ronel Tolmay who heard our Application against the Minister of Police on the constitutionality of Sections 24 and 28 of the Firearms Control Act (Act 60 of 2000 as amended) delivered her decision at 10h00 this morning. The long and the short of the verdict is as follows:

  1. Sections 24 and 28 of the Firearms Control Act is declared unconstitutional
  2. Parliament is given 18 months within which to effect the amendment of the Act in order to ensure constitutional compliance
  3. All firearm licenses that already lapsed or are due to be renewed shall be deemed to remain valid until the Constitutional Court has made its determination on the constitutionality of these sections
  4. The Respondent (SAPS) is ordered to pay the costs of the Applicant. This means the Police will have to pay the bulk of our legal cost when the case is finalised

While this is a solid judgment in favour of SA Hunters and our members we must understand that the judgment is referred to the Constitutional Court for review. I doubt whether the Constitutional Court will find differently but we must know that it may happen.

At least we have the certainty that all licenses that already lapsed will be deemed to remain valid until the Constitutional Court has made its finding on the constitutionality of Sections 24 and 28. This in itself brings huge relief to all individuals with licenses that already lapsed. For the moment you are again in legal possession of your firearm.

As the process now goes forward we will keep our members informed on any implications and further decisions taken, as well as the meaning thereof.

The full judgment as given by Judge Tolmay will is available here on our website.

2. Legal cost of the court case
When I sent you our previous newsletter early in June 2017, the cost of the court application already amounted to R1,108 million. We have since paid the last couple of invoices which brought the total cost of the application to R1,26 million. The bulk of this amount was paid with money collected through fund-raising efforts and from donations received specifically for the court case.

The fact that we were also given a cost order means that if the decision is ratified by the Constitutional Court, the SAPS may have to pay a significant portion of the legal cost incurred in this case. We will keep members posted on this matter as the process unfolds.

3. Foute met kaliber op nuwe lisensies wat SAPD uitreik/Errors with calibre on new licences issued by the SAPS
Ek het in die vorige nuusbrief daarop gewys dat daar heelwat foute voorkom op nuwe lisensies wat die SAPD uitreik. Nadat ons ingegryp het, kom die SVR van die foute redelik vinnig. Hoewel ons redelik lank wag vir die nuwe lisensiekaartjie om gedruk te word, behoort die inhoud van die inligting op die lisensie korrek te wees.

Lede wat foute met die kaliber op lisensiekaartjies het, kan gerus vir Petrus Swart kontak by petrus@sahunt.co.za of by (012) 808 9300.

I deliberately repeat the short message above in English.

In the previous newsletter I alerted members about errors on the new licence cards issued by the SAPS. Following our intervention, the CFR corrected these errors relatively quickly. Although there is a delay in the printing of these licence cards, the information should be correct.

Members whose licence cards contain faulty calibre information are advised to contact Petrus Swart for assistance at petrus@sahunt.co.za or at (012) 808 9300.

4. Membership fees
On 29 June 2017, the Board decided not to increase the membership fees for 2017/2018.

This decision was taken despite the approved budget for the next year indicating an estimated cash income deficit of R2 million. The Board took cognisance of the poor economic situation and the negative impact that the drought and other factors might have had on members.

5. Lidmaatskap
Teen einde Junie 2017, het die Vereniging se ledetal op 41 176 gestaan. Gelukkig groei ons ledetal nog, al is dit stadig. SA Jagters bly die grootste vereniging van sy soort in die land en ons wil steeds die beste diens aan ons lede lewer. Lede kan klagtes en kommentaar oor dienslewering per e-pos aan ons stuur.
Elke lid van SA Jagters wat tien of meer gewone lede vir die Vereniging werf kwalifiseer vir gratis lidmaatskap vir die volgende jaar. Takke wat nuwe lede werf, ontvang ook R100 van die nuwe lid se ledegeld, bo en behalwe die taksubsidie ten opsigte van die nuwe lid.
Let daarop dat slegs een insentief ten opsigte van ’n nuwe lid van toepassing is, m.a.w. óf die Tak óf die lid ontvang die aansporing vir die nuwe lid gewerf.

6. Belangrike sportskietdatums

Die volgende datums op die sportskietprogram is belangrik. Ons is nou vinnig op pad na die einde van die skietaktiwiteite van die jaar en daar is ‘n laaste paar kanse om die aktiwiteite te registreer. Die volgende datums is belangrik:

  • 12 Augustus 2017 – Intertak Spanskiet Finaal by die Meerkatgat-skietbaan op Soutpan in die Vrystaat. Dit val saam met die inwyding van die nuwe skietbaan.
  • 23 September 2017 – Presidentskiet Finaal op Kroonstad, aangebied deur Valschrivier-tak
  • 3 en 4 Oktober 2017 – Afrigtingskliniek in skietvaardigheid vir juniors op Welkom, aangebied deur Sandrivier 58-tak
  • 5 Oktober 2017 – Junior Skietkampioenskap op Welkom, aangebied deur Sandrivier 58-tak
  • 26 Oktober 2017 – Bekendstelling van Gallery Rifle skietdissiplines op Welkom, aangebied deur Sandrivier 58-tak
  • 27 en 28 Oktober 2017 – Sportskietkampioenskap op Welkom, aangebied deur Sandrivier 58-tak

7. Conservation matters

Game species listed under the Animal Improvement Act
There are clear differences of opinion between DEA and Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) about the implications of game species being listed as land races under the Animal Improvement Act. While game farmers were informed that this process will result in “self-administration of the wildlife industry” and “ownership of our own industry without regulations under the DEA”, this might not be the situation as intended.

SA Hunters obtained a legal opinion on the process followed in listing game species under this act as well as the constitutionality of the action taken. While the legal opinion indicates that there might be a good case for bringing a review application in the High Court, such an application will be late in terms of the Court rules. Therefore, SA Hunters would have to seek condonation for a late application.

The SAHGCA Board decided that while we do not support this decision, it falls outside the scope of the Association’s responsibility as a hunting association to use members’ money to pursue this matter in court. It falls within the ambit of the dedicated conservation community and SA Hunters will rather support any other organisations that may wish to take on this matter.

Leopard hunting
It is by now well known that RSA registered a zero quota for leopard hunting with Cites for the second consecutive year. This is largely due to inadequate information about the leopard meta-population in RSA being available to the scientific authority under the guidance of SANBI (the SA National Biodiversity Institute) that advises the Minister on hunting quotas.

The private hunting and safari sector in conjunction with the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) under the guidance of Dr Nkabeng Maruping-Mzileni, has launched a research project to addres the lack of scientific data currently available on the status of leopards (and other selective predator species).

We request our members to add to the data being collected via the “Catspotter” online programme that records data for this research project. Members can upload photographs or video footage of leopards to Catspotter.

For scientific data to be considered for inclusion in nondetrimental findings, SANBI stipulates that all video footage or photographic images should clearly identify, illustrate and confirm the presence of free-roaming leopards in the area (e.g. spoor, leopard hair on prey etc.), and display the correct date and GPS coordinates.

More information on the project is available here

8. Hernuwing van vuurwapenlisensies
Ek ontvang gereeld oproepe van lede en nie-lede wie se vuurwapenlisensies verval het en wat raad vra oor wat hulle te doen staan.
SA Jagters se lede trek voordeel uit ’n fasiliteit wat die inligting oor hulle vuurwapenlisensies op die Vereniging se administratiewe stelsel stoor en hulle betyds per SMS herinner dat ‘n lisensie gaan verval en dat hulle moet aansoek doen vir die hernuwing van die lisensie.

Laai bloot u vuurwapens met hul liseinsie verval datums op u aanlyn SA Jagters lede profiel. Ons sal dan 120 en ‘n 100 dae voor die verval van die lisensie aan u ‘n sms stuur ter herinnering daarvan.

Retention of Dedicated Status
Activity reports to maintain dedicated status were due on 31 October 2016. We are now at the financial year end and must report those members who did not comply with the conditions for maintaining their dedicated status. SA Hunters will be reporting 1 427 Dedicated Hunters and 1 193 dedicated Sport Shooters who no longer comply. This is due to the fact that:

  • Some members passed away
  • Some members did not renew their membership in good time
  • Some members did not report adequate activities required to retain their dedicated status

These members may be at risk of losing some of their firearm licences.

In the current year, we have 7 778 Dedicated Hunters and 3 329 Dedicated Sport Shooters that are already compliant. This means they already reported adequate activities for the year to retain their dedicated status. Time to report your activities is running out. Remember, you have to report activities for 2017 by the end of October 2017

We want to reduce the number of activity reports that we receive via e-mail and/or fax and request members to update their activity logs online. You can also do this via the SA Hunters App now.

9. SA Jagters Gholfdag
SA Jagters se Gholfdag op 9 Junie 2017 was ? groot sukses. R212 000 is ingesamel vir die Regshulpfonds wat ‘n groot bydrae gelewer het tot die regskoste van die hofaansoek teen die Minister van Polisie.
Ons dra graag ons dank oor aan alle persone wat ingeskryf en gespeel het, Tommy en sy span wat die werk gedoen het en elkeen van die donateurs wat pryse geskenk het.

10. Training

SA Hunters and the Wildlife College – Dangerous Game Hunting Course
The development of a dangerous game hunting course is a joint initiative of SA Hunters and Southern African Wildlife College. The course gives dedicated hunters the unique opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience on the hunting of dangerous game in a big five area. All the courses initially scheduled for 2017 are fully booked. We will consider additional courses later in the year.

NB: Persons interested in enrolling, must have SA Hunters Dedicated Hunter Status

The course can accommodate a maximum of 6 people.

For more information and bookings, phone Liesel on tel: 012 808 9331 or send contact details to liesel@sahunt.co.za

Toegewyde Jagter en Toegewyde Sportskut Opleiding
Na die beplanningsessie vroeg in 2017 met die Uitgebreide Raad sowel as die besoeke aan streke waar hierdie sake bespreek is, is besluit om die administrasie verbonde aan hierdie opleiding te wysig.

Vanaf Julie 2017 verwag ons dat elke Tak se opleier die koste van administrasie en uitreiking van die Toegewyde status van lede wat opleiding ondergaan, sal verhaal doen en aan hoofkantoor oorbetaal. Die opleier moet die volledig voltooide aansoeke vir die erkenning van Toegewyde Status tydens die opleidingsessie van elke lid kry en saam met die uitslae van die kursus na hoofkantoor aanstuur wat die inligting sal verwerk en die status sal uitreik. Die lid sal dus nie meer self hierdie aansoek en die gepaardgaande koste aanstuur na hoofkantoor nie. ‘n Volledige beskrywing van hoe die proses sal werk sal in die loop van die week aangestuur word na Streekkoördineerders, Takvoorsitters en Opleidingsbeamptes.

11. Fotokompetisie
SA Jagters se fotokompetisie vir lede word weer in 2017 aangebied. Die doel van die kompetisie is om ‘n portefeulje saam te stel van die beste foto’s wat SA Jagters se lede geneem het sodat ons dit by geleenthede soos die jaarlikse kongres se gala-aand kan vertoon. Die naam van die fotograaf en die tak waaraan die lid behoort, sal by die foto verskyn.
Die wenfoto’s vir die tweede kwartaal is reeds op die webwerf geplaas by www.sahunters.co.za publiseer. Lede sal ook hulle erkenning in die vorm van goud, silwer of brons sertifikate ontvang.
Die inligting oor die pryse en borgskap is reeds ook op die webwerf geplaas..

Die kategorieë vir die kompetisie is:

  1. Die moeite werd om te bewaar. Enige plant- of dierelewe wat na jou mening die moeite werd is om te bewaar.
  2. Dis hoekom ek jag. Wat maak jou jagtog soveel méér as net skiet.
  3. My tak is die beste. Hoekom jy dit geniet om aan jou SA Jagters-tak te behoort.

Lees gerus hier wat jy moet doen om in te skryf.

Die tweede kwartaal se finaliste kan hier gesien word.

12. SA Hunters Render Aid to Victims of Knysna Fires
The Tuinroete Branch of SA Hunters contributed substantially to victims of the Knysna. Gerhan Archer and his branch management provide three bakkie loads of supplies to people that had lost everything they had. Gerhan writes as follows:

“I want to thank each and every one that contributed to our members that lost everything in the fire. I want to thank the Lord that we didn’t have any member or family member that lost their lives.

One of our members lost EVERYTHING! They had 7 minutes to evacuate their home, and the only thing standing is their post box. They are in our prayers and we will support them all the way.

I want to thank you for your generosity. The branch, hunting community and friends donated three bakkie loads of humanitarian relief. It included food, water, drinks, mattresses, linen, clothing, a freezer, washing machine and tumble dryer.

I was so privileged to be the hands and face of your generosity. I wish I could word the warmth and proud feeling I had in my heart when we donated the relief.

Financial contributions can be made into the Branch’s account with the reference ‘Knysna Support’. The bank account details are:
SAJWV Tuinroete tak.
919 8343 181
Reference: Knysna Support

13. Kommersiële sake
Soos gebruiklik, sluit ons skakels in na ons webwerf vir meer inligting oor spesiale aanbiedings vir SA Jagters se lede. Kliek op die skakel waarin u belangstel.
Ons sluit kort beskrywings in van spesiale boodskappe of inligting oor nuwe verskaffers wat afslag aan lede bied.
Die volgende leweransiers bied spesiale voordele aan lede van SA Jagters.

  • Toyota SA
  • Westvaal Nelspruit
  • Hinterland Groep
  • Wildman Hunting and Outdoor
  • Hokaai Slaghuis
  • Die Wildshoekie Vleismark bied steeds 5% korting op hulle reeds goeie tariewe vir vleisverwerking aan alle lede van SA Jagters
  • LAVA Vakuumverpakking
  • Selftrack
  • MAINSU Kragopwekkers
  • Heartech Gehoorbeskerming
  • Herlaaikursusse deur Cassie Nienaber

Kliek hier vir meer inligting oor enige van die bogenoemde voordele.

14. Our Own SA Hunters Mobile App
SA Hunters developed an Android mobile App exclusively for its members.
The App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.sahunters.admin or search for ‘SA Hunters Members’
The App provides members with the following functionality:

  • View your SA Hunters profile
  • View and display your SA Hunters membership card electronically
  • View and update your contact information
  • View and log your hunting and shooting activities to maintain dedicated status
  • Receive notifications from Head Office or your branch

Use your member number and the same password for this app as for the online member administration system. If you have never logged in to the member administration site, the app also provides the option to request a password.

The App is currently only available for use on Android devices (Android 5.0 or higher). The Apple version will be developed and made available later on in the year.

Those of you that decide to download the App, please take the trouble to rate it. The more ratings we receive, the higher our App will be positioned on the system.

15. Hunting licences
Some game and bird hunting licences are still available at the SAHGCA national office. For more information contact Vanessa Bell on (012) 808 9306 or Vanessa@sahunt.co.za The table below indicates which licences are available from Vanessa.

Province Type of Licence Available
Gauteng Game bird hunting licences only
Mpumalanga Game bird hunting licences only
Free State Game and game bird hunting licences
Kwa/Zulu Natal Ordinary and protected game licences, including game bird hunting licences
Eastern Cape Game and game bird hunting licences
Western Cape Game and game bird hunting licences
Other licences and permits
Northern Cape Licences are only available at selected Post Offices countrywide click here for the list.
Limpopo Province Contact Vanessa regarding the process in place, dealing with permits in the province for permits
Northwest Province
Transport permits and all Wild Pig transport permits Contact Vanessa regarding the process in place, dealing with these permits

16. Navrae na SA Jagters se Nasionale Kantoor
Dit gebeur gereeld dat enkele van die bestuurders algemene navrae ontvang en nie noodwendig die betrokke lid kan help met die inligting wat hy/sy benodig nie. Vir spoedige diens, maak seker dat u navrae na die regte afdeling verwys.

Die kontaknommers en e-posadresse vir navrae is soos volg:

•    Navrae oor lidmaatskap, administrasie en finansies
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Finansies: e-posadres: admin@sahunt.co.za
•    Navrae oor opleiding
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Opleiding;  e-posadres: nic@sahunt.co.za
•    Vuurwapenhulplyn, endossemente, motiverings en navrae oor lisensie-aansoeke
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Vuurwapenhulplyn; e-posadres: firearmsupport@sahunt.co.za
•    Toegewyde status en registrasie van aktiwiteite
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Toegewyde Status;     e-posadres: dedicated@sahunt.co.za
•    Bewaringsaangeleenthede
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Bewaring; e-posadres: vanessa@sahunt.co.za
•    Jagsake
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Jagsake; e-posadres: johann@sahunt.co.za
•    Navrae oor Takaangeleenthede en verwante sake
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Takaangeleenthede;     e-posadres: andrevdm@sahunt.co.za
•    Navrae t.o.v. skietsake en verwante aangeleenthede
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Skietsake; e-posadres: andrevdm@sahunt.co.za
•    Navrae oor enige aanlynstelsels, webwerf, tablette
Tel (012) 808 9300 of e-posadres: martmarie@sahunt.co.za
•    Enige algemene of ander navrae
Tel (012) 808 9300 of e-posadres: info@sahunt.co.za

Fred Camphor
SA Jagters: HUB

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