Obtaining Dedicated Hunter Status issued by SA Hunters, complies with the statutory requirements of Act 60 of 2000 as amended. Members that achieved Dedicated Hunters Status in terms of Section 16 of this Act, may be in possession of more than four firearms for hunting purposes.

  • Dedicated Hunter Status is ideally suited to persons that hunt regularly and participate in SAHGCA branch activities.
  • NB: SA Hunters’ policy determines that Dedicated Hunter Status may only be awarded to members that are 16 years and older.
  • Members younger than 16 may complete the training, but may only apply for the status once they turn 16 and the application will only be received, processed and the status issued after they have turned 16.

Application process for Dedicate Hunter Status

  1. Members wishing to complete the training course to obtain Dedicated Hunter Status can contact the senior training officer at their branch to arrange enrolment in the training course.
  2. After completion of the prescribed Dedicated Hunter examination, members must also pass the SAHGCA shooting test for Dedicated Hunter Status at their branch.
  3. The training officer at the Branch will send the test results and the signed application form to the SAHGCA national office for the issuing of Dedicated Hunter Status.
  4. By signing the application form, the member undertakes to comply with the minimum requirements of the Act and to meet SA Hunters’ activity obligations towards maintaining Dedicated Hunter Status.
  5. The member will receive confirmation of Dedicated Hunter Status via SMS and can download and print the certificate from the online member administration system.
  6. The course fee is determined by the branch and includes the training manual, badge, registration and the Dedicated Hunter Status Certificate.
  7. SA Hunters recognises Dedicated Hunter Status issued by accredited associations, provided that the member’s membership fee of that association is fully paid up and that SA Hunters acknowledges the training provided by such association. The member must submit the completed SA Hunters’ application form for Dedicated Hunter Status, accompanied by his/her proof of membership of the accredited association, a copy of the certificate of Dedicated Hunter Status, and proof of payment of the once-off administration fee of R200 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. SA Hunters will process the application and issue the Dedicated Hunter Status Certificate.
  8. Persons that obtained Dedicated Hunter Status from an association whose training is not acknowledged by SA Hunters, must complete the prescribed examination for Dedicated Hunter Status (recognition of prior learning) to meet the requirements of SA Hunters. Writing the examination is free, but a once-off administration fee of R200 is payable for the issuing of a Dedicated Hunter Status Certificate.
  9. The applicant’s membership fee with SA Hunters must be paid in full before Dedicated Hunter Status will be issued.
  10. Members that are 70 years and older qualify automatically for Dedicated Hunter Status and do not need to complete the training course. The once-off administration fee of R200 must be paid before the Dedicated Hunter Status Certificate will be issued. Such members can complete the application form for Dedicated Hunter Status and submit it together with the proof of payment of the R200 administration fee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Requirements for maintaining Dedicated Hunter Status

The Firearms Control Act compels accredited associations to have a system in place to issue and manage dedicated status. SA Hunters requires members to submit activity reports annually by 31 October towards maintaining dedicated status. Members that neglect to register activities fail to meet the provisions of the Act, which will result in the cancellation of their Dedicated Hunter Status.

  • Dedicated Hunters must participate in any two hunting-related activities every year to maintain Dedicated Status, e.g. a hunt, attendance of an official SA Hunters social or shooting event (branch or regional shooting day). These activities must be recorded as part of the annual activity report.
  • Attendance of official SA Hunters activities i.e. branch meetings, shooting days and other official Branch or shooting events are recorded via the Branch’s tablet and added to the member’s records.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the member to add information about his/her hunting activities and participation in all other non-SA Hunters shooting activities on the online administration system for inclusion in the obligatory annual activity report.
  • The activity’s must be reported before 31 October of each year.


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